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15 Top Dentistry Articles

Inver Grove Heights Dentist Dr. Marko Kamel educates you and gives you tips on dental health in his articles. The following is a collection of his articles:

15 top dentistry articles

1. Dental Care For Children: From Teething To Big Teeth

Woodbury dental expert Dr. Marko Kamel gives you tips from teething to big teeth.

In this article I’m going to share with you my finest tips and tools for preserving your child’s dental health.

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2. Life Without Headaches

Are headaches affecting your life?

This article will discuss what causes headaches, what headache treatments involve, what are the latest treatments, and who can or can’t be help by TruDenta System.

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3. 10 Reasons Why New Patients Are Choosing Woodbury Dental Arts

Why Is Woodbury Dental Arts Setting The Pace For All The Woodbury Dentists?

This article will discuss the top 10 reasons why new patients are choosing Woodbury Dental Arts for their dental needs

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4. Woodbury Dentist & Esthetics: It’s More Than Just Your Smile!

Can Woodbury dentist, Dr. Marko Kamel turn back time on your face? Yes, at Woodbury Dental Arts cosmetic dentistry includes more than just your teeth. Your smile includes your entire face.

This article will discuss what is esthetics.

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5. Woodbury Dentist Provides Dental Implant Solutions

Did You Lose A Tooth? What are your choices if you lose a permanent tooth? What happens when you lose a permanent tooth?

Will you be able to smile, speak, and chew normally again? Can everyone who loses a tooth get one? In this article we will discuss the answers to the above questions.

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6. Woodbury Cosmetic Dentist Reveals 11 Ways To Improve Your Smile

Are you unhappy with your smile and dreaming of what life would be like with a beautiful smile? Smile makeovers are now available to all people – not just the rich and famous.

In this article we will discuss 11 Top Smile Makeovers

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7. Best Woodbury Dentist Solves Snoring & Sleep Apnea Problems

Do you live with a snorer or maybe you are the one that snores?

In this article we will discuss the difference between snoring and obstructive sleep apnea, how it is diagnosed, and possible solutions.

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8. Woodbury Dentist Keeps Kids Smiling For A Lifetime

Are you wondering what age to bring your child in to see the dentist?

In this article we will discuss why to start them young, the benefits, habits to instill on your child, and how to eliminate the fear of dental pain.

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9. Are You A Candidate For Botox Dental Therapeutic Injections?

Do you think the magic in the “after” picture above was Photoshopped or botoxed? What does a dentist have to do with Botox?

In this article we will be discussing what Botox is, how it works, and how long it works.

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10. New Discovery Reveals How Woodbury Dentist Treats Headache Pain

Are Headaches Controlling Your Life? Do you feel your happiness in life is hopeless and out of your control?

If you have chronic headaches, migraines, and TMJ/TMD pain – help is here!

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11. Instant Mini Dental Implants: Snap-On Dentures

Are you afraid to talk as your dentures might end up slipping and sliding?

In this article I will discuss this new innovation in dentistry of mini dental implants that allows us to create a smile that is natural & confident.

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12. 5-Year-Old Child Prodigy Found At Woodbury Dental Arts

What Kind Of Prodigy Could Be Found At A Dental Office?

At age 5 when, when most children just tag along with their Mom to a dental appointment, an extraordinary talent of empathy, and interest in becoming a Dentist, was revealed by Sabine Pradhan!

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13.Woodbury Dentist Offers Mercury-Free Practice

Do You Have Fillings In Your Mouth? Do you have amalgam fillings (silver fillings)?

In this article we will discuss if there is poison in your mouth, what danger is caused from dental amalgam (silver fillings) and what the alternative solution is.

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14.Do You Have Chronic Headaches?

Dr.Kamel and his team now offer treatment for headache,migraines, and facial pain. Our new Tru-Denta® therapy system helps us diagnose the cause and treat the symptoms.

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15.Woodbury Dentist Reveals 14 New Dental Technologies

What Is New In Dental Technology?

In this article I will highlight the top 14 latest and greatest dental technology changes that will change your old memories of what is found in a dental office. These can all be found in the dental wonderland of Woodbury Dental Arts.

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